Camp CAD Appraisers Will Begin Field Work

Camp CAD Appraisers will begin field work.


The Camp Central Appraisal District is beginning its field appraisal work in certain parts of the county for the 2023 year.

The Appraisal District divided Camp County into three regions for the purpose of reappraisal. Region 1 covers properties within the city limits of Pittsburg and properties along Lake Bob Sandlin. Region 2 covers properties north of Highway 11 (with the exception of properties in Region 1) and Region 3 covers properties south of Highway 11. Properties in Region 1 are scheduled for inspection for the 2023 tax year.

The re-appraisal plan requires an on-site property inspection at least once every three years, and the CCAD conducts its reappraisals according to the regions listed above.

With the number of properties to be seen, appointments are not made. Camp County has great neighbors that look out for each other, and word will get around when the staff is in a particular neighborhood.

Appraisers will not ask to enter homes but will go to the door to make anyone who is there aware they are on the property if they need to measure a new structure or re-measure an existing one.

Each appraiser is required to carry appropriate identification listing their TDLR issued number and a photo ID issued by the district. In addition, field appraisers will have “CAMP CENTRAL APPRAISAL DISTRICT” signs on their vehicles with the district’s phone number.

Property owners are encouraged to contact the CAD office at 903-856-6538 to confirm an appraiser’s identity if there is any question.

The appraiser has a checklist for each property, which includes measuring or re-measuring structures. In addition, based on the field manual, appraisers are to “ensure correct classification, condition and depreciation of all structures; identify if there are any additional issues regarding the structures or the land; ensure correct leveling and identifiers on manufactured homes”; and take a current photograph if necessary.

The appraiser will NOT be able to discuss the value of the property. Valuations are based on sales information and cost schedules that are applied later in the year. At this point, the appraiser is gathering information and performing visual inspections, not setting a value. Exemption applications are not available in the field but will be mailed to you upon request or when the property’s ownership changes.

The staff works diligently to gather accurate information, however, with locked gates or pets, some dimensions may be difficult to confirm in the field. The appraiser will then estimate the measurements using the district’s mapping system.

Each year, new construction, permits, and requested rechecks are done, but property in the Reappraisal Zone must also be completed. There is a strict timeline to accomplish this task and the field staff will need to move quickly to be completed by March. Plans call for completing the reappraisal zone by the first week in February and then start rechecks and permits.

Please feel free to call the CAD office or come by anytime you have a question or concern about your property.